Drift Compatible Podcast

Yup, two weeks in a row. Second biggest miracle to happen around this time of year.

So AtC and I spend most of this podcast discussing terrorism. Specifically we focus on the Easter attacks in Pakistan, the refusal of both countries in the EU and the our own US to call a spade a spade (or in this case, genocide), fatwas, the retaking of Palmyra BY THE RUSSIANS, and various and sundry other related topics.

Honestly, we get into all sorts of things this episode. Everything from yelling about how we abhor prosperity gospel to the primary to the personal nature of attacks on political supporters. This episode was pretty much a mishmash of whatever grabbed our attention.

What you do you want? It was late, we both had a long weekend, and so we were a little punch drunk. Basically you get to listen to what amounts to an hour and a half phone conversation between two friends talking about whatever comes up. HOW FORTUNATE FOR YOU!!!




This is the area where there was supposed to be a countdown to April 3, 2016 1:05pmEST, however, WordPress sucks and won’t allow me to embed the timer. That or I just can’t figure out how to do it. In which case, WordPress sucks and makes it too hard to do simple things. Either way, it’s WordPress’ fault.


Drift Compatible Podcast 3-22-16

Alright, we’re back. A long break due to traveling and some family health issues, but Alex and I are back and doing at least a little yelling.

Fair warning, this podcast went waaaaaay long. After so long without recording, we apparently were very talkative. Which is kind of funny considering we only had two main topics. Our starting points were the Hogan/Gawker trial and Syd Blumenthal’s access to classified info.

Before we got started on that stuff, we, as always, discussed what we had been up to personally. Two big things for me. 1) I’ll be writing/contributing at FarBeyondTheBeltway.com. In fact, I already have. 2) Andrea Ruth (who runs FBTB) and I are partnering up and bringing in several other people to do a weekly vodcast. That should start in about two weeks. Working title right now is “NextGen Contrarians”. I’ll be sure to bother everyone as more info comes available.



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