Due to both of us traveling, Drift Compatible is on hold temporarily. No worries, we’ll be back as soon as our schedules sync back up.

In the meantime, I managed to sneak in an appearance as a guest host on Far Beyond The Beltway with Andrea Ruth, Grant Gambling, and Matthias Shapiro.

Things get…interesting.

FBTB Episode 21: RIP Justice Scalia and the Debate of the Debate

One thought on “Podcast

  1. Brent / AtC,
    I’ve been listening to you two since the beginning and you’ve finally got me to comment 😛

    First off, thank you both so much for putting together such a fun podcast, makes the drive in (and from, and sometimes back in) to work a lot more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

    Second, I’m gonna be charitable and assume that Grant was completely sloshed; the alternative is that he’s a certifiable lunatic. Because a more disjointed, rambling and borderline unintelligible series of unconnected points I have never heard outside of Billy Madison. As he lurched from point to point about Rubio’s ability to draw in voters solely(!) on his ability to speak fluent Spanish and then wound up in a crumpled heap of flaming wreckage at the end babbling about the 14th amendment, I went from incredulity, to yelling at my car stereo, to giggling maniacally. At the end of a long week it was worth a good laugh.

    If that’s even close to typical of the Rubio fans on Twitter it’s no wonder that Ace has gotten to the level of incandescent frustration that’s he’s talked about on his podcast. It’s not selling me on Twitter as a medium (I value my sanity so I don’t have a Twitter account).

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