Drift Compatible Podcast

Sooo…yeah. Sorry. It was my anniversary. Plus church functions. Plus last night and tonight were the first two rounds of softball league tourney. Add to that the fact that we’re headed out of town on Thurs to head up to see my wife’s family, and a bunch of Morons, and yeah. Sorry.

Come hell or high water. Even if it’s later than normal. We. Will. Have. A. Podcast. Next Week.

Such is my word.

Let’s try a little something different. If you’ve got something you’d like to hear us talk about, leave the suggestion in the comments. No promises, at all, but I’m curious what you folks are listening to, thinking about, reading, etc.

5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast

  1. What are your opinions on what the breaking point of the Title IX madness will be? A gay or straight guy claiming rape? Staff changes at the DoJ that affect the enforcement of the memo? Alex’s raptors ripping through several college boards in highly public ways? Inquiring minds want to know….

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