Drift Compatible Podcast 15

Well, that was interesting.

Alex and I started recording this episode Sunday at around 230pm, we finished recording on Monday at 930pm.

We actually worked to get this one recorded folks. Snakes, computer glitches, visiting in laws, etc etc etc. It was like we were on the wrong end of some kind of screwed up version of the Plagues of Egypt.

But get it done we did. We discussed Christian charity, fundamental disconnects, a judge who might actually have a stroke while trying to deal with the Obama Admin and Harry Potter. And, of course, whatever else wandered across our minds.

I hope you enjoy.

If you need a direct download link, email me at BCochran 1981 at gmail.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The Strain

Drift Compatible Podcast Episode 14

My apologies on the late post. The eldest had a thing at school this morning and then I got tied up at work AND I JUST FORGOT OK?!?! WHY ARE YOU JUDGING ME?!?!?!!?


Anywho, here ya go.

We of course hit the big topics of the Gellar assassination attempt and the Brit elections/riots.

No book reviews/discussion this week due to the abrupt end to the podcast.

Drift Compatible Podcast

Hello again.

I have unfortunate news. There is no podcast this week. But there’s a very good reason for that.

AtC’s mom, the Dowager Empress, had major knee surgery last week and Alex is staying with her parents’ to help out while her mom recovers.


The Dowager Empress came through the surgery just fine, as we all would expect, and is at home recovering on pace. All our thoughts and prayers with her.

We talked about it and decided that Alex screaming obscenities into the microphone while in the same house as her parents just probably would be a bad idea. So, we took this week off.

We’ll be back rested, ready and pissed off next week.