Drift Compatible Podcast EP 18

We’re back again. Just a few short days between podcasts, but with so much crap going on, we had plenty to yell about.

As you might have guessed, we spent a good bit of time flailing around about SCOTUS. We also get into the current economic crisis in Greece/Europe. We answer a few questions from you guys including Title IX and Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies.

A little book talk happened at the end.

As always, if you need a direct download link, email me at bcochran1981 at gmail.

And keep the questions coming if you have them.

Drift Compatible Podcast EP 17

Alex and I are back for a shortened, mid week version of the Drift Compatible Podcast.

We spend a little time discussing the recent MeetUp. We then get into a discussion on Bobby Jindal and the drought in California.

VDH’s article that we discussed can be found here: California Running On Empty

As always, if you need a download link, email me at bcochran1981 at gmail.

We’ll be recording again in a few days for our normal weekly episode. Hope you folks enjoy this one.

Drift Compatible Podcast

Sooo…yeah. Sorry. It was my anniversary. Plus church functions. Plus last night and tonight were the first two rounds of softball league tourney. Add to that the fact that we’re headed out of town on Thurs to head up to see my wife’s family, and a bunch of Morons, and yeah. Sorry.

Come hell or high water. Even if it’s later than normal. We. Will. Have. A. Podcast. Next Week.

Such is my word.

Let’s try a little something different. If you’ve got something you’d like to hear us talk about, leave the suggestion in the comments. No promises, at all, but I’m curious what you folks are listening to, thinking about, reading, etc.

Drift Compatible Podcast EP16

Aaaaannnnnnnddddd we’re back.

After a long break, Alex and I are back at it again this week. We took some time to talk Title IX, Rick Perry, Conservative opinions in Hollywood, a few books and whatever happened to wander through our streams of consciousness.

Glad to be back and we hope you enjoy the podcast.

If you need a direct download link, be sure to email me at bcochran1981 at gmail.


Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Walker Saga by Jaymin Eve