Rage Inspiring Idiocy and the Economy

I said in a previous post that there were some things that just flat piss me off. Idiocy is one of them.

Yes, I confess, I’m utterly intolerant of the stupid. Even moreso of the ignorant.

Stupidity, while annoying, can be somewhat forgiven. You can’t help being stupid. But ignorance, ignorance takes things to a whole new level. Ignorance is the fault of that person. You can fix ignorance.

So what ignorance has pissed me off you wonder?

A friend posted a link on Facebook to the story about people on welfare “making” more money than those making minimum wage.


That in and of itself can cause a rage-stroke, but that wasn’t what did it. No, the very first comment on his post was what did it.

“the obvious solution here is not to lower welfare, but to raise minimum wage. these people are already below poverty level.”





*rereads because it couldn’t possibly say what I think it said*


#*@&$%@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of……you know, I’m gonna break my own rule about cursing in my posts……what kind of F*CKING IDIOT comes up with this solution???

Let’s just skip to what my real issue is. INFLATION YOU DOLT. Minimum wage goes up, everyone else’s wages go up. Some, such as unions, have their wages contractually linked to minimum wage. So minimum wage goes up, all the other pay levels go up as well. Welcome to paying more for virtually every product you buy.

Pardon me, I’m going to go open this bottle of tequila and engage in some stress relief.

7 thoughts on “Rage Inspiring Idiocy and the Economy

  1. C’mon now Cochran, you knew that liberals were willfully ignorant of economics. Yet you bothered to read something they wrote.

    You know what else they’re ignorant of, how few people actually make minimum wage. I don’t have the stats now, but just to put it in perspective, the Qdoba I was just at had a sign that said “Hiring delivery drivers, $20+/hour.”

    Now I’m sure some of that is because you’ll have to bring your own car (and insurance.) But still.

    Again, I repeat, I made $8.35/hr or so when I worked at McD’s. In 2005 (when minimum wage was a paltry $5.50.

    (Plus her interpretation of that article is stupid as shit. It’s not that welfare pays more than minimum wage, it pays more than most jobs. The article says $15/hr! My first job out of college paid $13.50/hr (plus benefits, but I paid taxes.)

  2. did the person making the comment even read the study? in some states the welfare bennies are 200% of the fpl…the full package in HI pencils out to about 60K pre tax equivalent.
    it was a depressing read.

  3. lib·er·al adjective \ˈli-b(ə-)rəl\: a person who does not have the slightest grasp of, nor the desire to learn, the field of economics.

    I tried to explain the supply and demand curve to him but, you know, liberal.

  4. Oh Veronica *draws all the hearts*

    Also you’re trying not to swear in your posts? You realize my immediate response to that is to want to create a sockpuppet FB account, get you to friend it and then start posting stuff specifically to piss you off just to make you break that rule.

    Because caring giver.

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