Blood Stained Hands


I don’t think there’s another word in the English language that immediately fills me with rage like “Benghazi.”

I’m struggling to write this post because I don’t know how to express the feelings about what happened and what’s continuing to happen.

I guess the best way to say it is that Benghazi offends me. It offends me as a man and as an American. “No one gets left behind” was the credo of our Armed Forces. Men have fought and died knowing that they would never be left behind. That their brothers, whether standing next to them or back home, would be there for them. Would support them. Back them up.

Then Benghazi happened.

There was no support. There was no one there. American Heroes charged into a firefight to save our people, and they did, and then they were left alone. No help. No support. Hour after hour they fought off overwhelming adversaries. Hour after hour they had to wonder where everyone was. No one was coming.

Two American diplomats died.

Chris Stevens Sean_Smith_Diplomat

Two American servicemen died.

doherty Tyrone Woods

And then the lies began. The cover up. An American filmmaker was blamed and arrested. Our leaders blatantly lied to not only us, but to the faces of the families of those brave men. We heard that no one was available to help. We heard “What difference does it make?” We were told people would be held accountable. Lie after lie after lie.

“But wait!” you say, “There were people from the State Dept that lost their jobs!”

And here is the point of this post. No they didn’t.

Four employees of the State Dept were placed on “administrative leave.” And now, Secretary of State John Kerry has reinstated those four employees.

So now, no one is accountable for Benghazi. That’s right, not one American has been held to account for this debacle. Men responsible for this attack are openly sipping coffee at cafes.

Four men died. What difference does it make?

Benghazi Blood

Blood stained hands indeed.

The First Pitch

The First Pitch. The players are still in the dugout. Umpires yet to call the start of the game. It in no way affects who wins or loses. But does it matter?

I think it does.

It sets a tone. The First Pitch can be funny, it can be clever, it can bring tears to our eyes or it can cause us to point and snicker.

It can be inspiring. One of the most stirring images to me, post 9-11, was President Bush walking past the rubber that had been placed at the bottom of the mound, taking the hill and firing  a strike. That image meant something.


But there’s a flip side. We’ve all seen that pitch. That pitch that makes us cringe, that makes us wonder “Why would someone go out there and do that?” or “That’s the best they’ve got?”


So what is this post? Is it that inspirational moment? Is it cringeworthy? Is it something in between?

Frankly, I’m shooting for just above cringeworthy. I’m new at this and I’ll be learning as I go.

I promise to put out some actual content soon. There are lots of things that just flat piss me off. From infringements on our Rights to attempting a denial of Math to the way Republicans in positions of power play the game like syphilitic popinjays.

Who knows how well that content and this blog as a whole will go, but at the end of the day I can, and will, say “I’m the Marginally Honorable Chairman. This is my blog. And yes, I Built This.”

Good night, godspeed and remember, “Never, never, never give up.”