Drift Compatible Podcast: Guest Host!

So Alex was unable to be on this week as some genius plowed into a power pole outside her apartment and knocked out…well…everything.

But no worries! Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon stepped up. Brent and Bill discuss warlords, autonomous zones, cancel culture, defunding the police, and, as always, whatever else popped into their heads.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Leaked audio from Chicago Mayor/Aldermen phone call.

2 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Guest Host!

  1. I can speak to some of the idiocy in Seattle.
    First, the local TV news and the Times are covering this all up as protests. No mention about armed guards at the barricades. The warlord is not mentioned at all. The protesters are, “Guarding the police precinct”. Yeah, after looting it. People seen, by the police wearing issue body armor. Also, officers lockers were broken into and looted. This is a replay of the Paris Commune and I hope it ends about as well.
    That said, I do not want Trump to intervene. This is a Seattle issue and needs to be solved there and by the governor who, when asked yesterday said he hadn’t heard of this happening.
    I lived in Seattle for quite a few years. I used to love it. Now, it can burn and take the liberals who voted for this straight to hell.

  2. Wait, you had a podcast without Alex and the raptors haven’t torn you to shreds?! Truly, the mighty Empress is gracious indeed!

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