5 thoughts on “Chinese WuHu Kung Flu Coronavirus!

  1. We got the announcement that Iowa schools were closing effective immediately late Sunday night, which sent everyone scrambling. Nebraska and South Dakota had just announced their school closures a few days prior to that.

    I can’t work because someone has to watch/homeschool Pookette, but Pooky still has a job because road construction is continuing and therefore all those new roads need to be painted. Plus we have the “we’re sorry we broke you” monthly checks from the VA to cover our mortgage. We are more fortunate than others.

  2. Two things about COVID-19. First, the point behind all the closures is not to prevent the spread of the disease it’s to “flatten the curve”. What flattening the curve means is that the total hospitalizations will be spread out such that the medical system will be able to deal with them. Since the total hospitalizations and deaths will remain the same even if the curve is flattened out, we will be able to tell whether or not it was a big deal. Hundreds of thousands hospitalized and tens of thousands dead means “big deal”. Tens of thousands diagnosed with hundreds of dead, then the closures were an overreaction.

    Second, there are persistent rumors that COVID-19 came to the USA last November. I had a disease that matched the symptoms last December. I thought it was just a weird flu. In fact, doctors in Italy are now talking about their “weird flu” patients from last November. We know that the first patients diagnosed with this thing were diagnosed last November and we know that the Chinese were not controlling the spread of it then, so why are so sure that it didn’t get here until February. If we’re four months into this pandemic rather than four weeks, then pretty much everyone who is going to have it has already gotten it.

    The next couple of weeks will tell the tale. So far, the new cases reported to the CDC is trending downward, but who knows what the next week will bring.

  3. So glad to have the podcast back! Just to have something other than the plague to talk about, I was wondering if you guys could do a review of the game, “The Long Dark.” As it features AtC’s ultimate nemesis, Outside, as the antagonist, I think it would be fun to get your take.

    Thanks again for bringing back my favorite podcast!

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