Drift Compatible 5-30-18

A day late and a weeeeee bit drunk, but hey we’re here! Weekend project was to create an isolation box for my mic, so we’ll see how that sounds.

On to the good stuff. We hit a range of stuff including the controversy around the firing of Roseanne, the literal actual stacks of cash involved in the resignation of Missouri Governor Greitens, the most recent Supreme Court decisions, OMGTHECHILDRENZZZZ at the border, the latest in gaming news, and our recommendations on podcasts. And you just know we wander far afield of even that diversified set of topics.

Because I said I would, and I forgot last week, here’s the link to the NRO article I promised: The Real Origination Story of the Trump-Russia Investigation┬áby Andrew C. McCarthy.

As always, the podcast is super NSFW or children or your mother in law or your mother or really anyone that’s going to be offended by ranting and profanity.

But beyond that…..FEEL FREE TO SHARE!

Put on your headphones and enjoy.


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