Drift Compatible Episode 3-27-18

Alright folks, we were both bored and annoyed at the various crap circulating, so we talked around the news a lot.

But we did talk about the current education system and its failings; the insanity of the march and the lying (apparently) students from the shooting; and McMaster out/Bolton in.

We also corrected a mistake that Buzzion alerted us to.

So here you go:


8 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Episode 3-27-18

  1. AtC, I’m about 3 hours into Far Cry 5 and if you’ve played and liked the other ones you’ll like this. It’s very apolitical, contrary to what the trailers were looking like (enough that certain segments of the maniac SJW gaming media were complaining that they got blue balled with not the anti-Trump, kill all the dirty redneck republicans that they were expecting).

    In fact, most of the good guys you run into and team up with are good representations (if a bit caricatured, but, you know, Far Cry) of normal decent people. And the cult, which could have been a frantic crowd of white alt-right nertzis, instead is a very diverse group of insane misanthropes. Much closer to the Branch Davidians than Richard Spencer.

    There’s a small bit of good natured topical satire, like the optional side quest where you’re tasked with retrieving a tape with some footage of “The Big Man” in compromising positions that the cult got ahold of from some Russians, but it’s more of an excuse to make pee related puns rather than a political statement.

    More importantly than politics, it’s FUN 😀

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