Drift Compatible Podcast



I mean, baseball is a topic we spend a wee bit of time on tonight. And by wee bit, I mean like 45 minutes. Cause baseball is awesome.

We also discuss ObamaCare, it’s repeal, and one of the lesser talked about hang ups to that repeal.


Books, Movies, Entertainment, Etc


We’ve mentioned John Wick 2 and the Power Rangers movies repeatedly, so no reason to put yet more links of them up.

We did mention what I’m currently watching, 30 Days of Night. Remember, not a friendly sparkly vampire movie. Violent. Gory. Scary. Like it’s supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast

  1. 30 Days of Night is a great concept – terrorizing the denizens of Barrow, Alaska during the arctic blackout. As one of the vamps says, “Why didn’t we think of this before?!”

    I will give Arrow yet another try, but if I do enjoy it, I will do so ironically, with detached contempt.

    Oh, suggestion – “What We Do in the Shadows”, a Kiwi vampire mockumentary – hilarious.

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