Drift Compatible Podcast

Welcome. Yes, I am working on a downloadable link. No, I do not have it this week. Soon, people. Remember, get what you pay for.

So, I’m drunk and we have a grab bag of topics. We discuss The Dress and, more importantly, The Ass In The Dress. We discuss, Alinsky and politicizing all the crap. We discuss Democrats returning to form and blocking entrances to schools. We discuss the damn dam and WTF California. We discuss all sorts of shit. And of course we use NSFW language to do so.

Oh and if you wait till the very end, you get to hear me utterly embarrass myself. Fun times.

If you’re still intrigued, God bless you and click below.


Books, Movie, Entertainment, Etc.

The All Hail Eris Special – Arrow

*ahem* (the point at which I embarrass myself) Influx

John Wick 2

La La Land

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast

  1. For some that don’t know this and want to download, but have iTunes…go to File then Subscribe to Podcast and enter marginallyhonorablechairman.com (I think thats what I did). I’ve been downloading Drift Compatible this way since June, so I know it can work.

  2. Can’t take that Daniel Suarez character seriously. Friend of mine made me read Demon and its sequel Freedom. In Freedom, there’s a commune whose great idea for green power is to grind down a mountain to release the trace hydrogen trapped in the rocks.


    And that’s not the silliest thing in the book.

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