Drift Compatible Podcast 11-15-16

My computer is fixed. My shoulder is….attached and not in a sling. Comcast managed to get their shit together. Major projects are finally finished.



No worries, we made up for the lack of previous profanity.

We discuss the..*snicker*..end of Hillary’s career in great delight, I mean, detail. We discuss Chelsea’s chances. Spend some time talking about the soon to be inaugurated Trump and a moves he’s made so far. Some pure good, some pure troll. Not there’s anything wrong with either.

We talk a little sports. Neither of us has had much time for entertainment, but the plan is for us both to see Dr. Strange this week. And I’m insisting that we finally discuss the original Dracula.

Hope you folks enjoy the podcast. NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY.

See y’all next week.

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