Morning folks, unfortunately there will not be a podcast again this week.

I’m still dealing with trying to get everything set up with the podcast. Apparently, when Stitcher says “You’ll hear back from us within 5 business days” what they mean is “You’ll hear back from us 5 business days from now”. Subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless.

In addition to that, I got hit with a really nasty stomach bug this weekend. Kind of hard to do a podcast when you’re running back and forth to the bathroom.

Now the good news, the next podcast should be full of good content. On Thursday I’m headed up to Atlanta for the RedState Gathering. Quite a few of the Republican Presidential candidates are slated to speak. (Walker, Fiorina, Jindal, Perry, Bush, Rubio, Huckabee, Cruz) Also speaking are Gov Nikki Haley, Jim DeMint from Heritage, Ed Morrissey and Mary Katherine Ham from Hot Air, Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson from Townhall, Bob Owens from Bearing Arms and a whole host of other people from Twitchy to AEI to the Foundation for Government Accountability to PJ Media to…..well, you get the point.

Lots of folks, lots of candidates, lots of content. I’m excited to see and hear the candidates in person. I think you get a far better measure of someone when you’re actually physically there, as opposed to watching them on tv.

Again, apologies on the lack of podcasts recently. The idea, the goal, is to come back better than before. Easier to access, easier to listen to and with loads of good content. Who knows….maybe we can even wrangle in a guest or two.

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