Drift Compatible Podcast #13

Back again.

You know, I used to listen to talk radio, to Rush or Hannity or the local/national sports talk guys and think “How the hell can they do that? How can they sit and talk for 3 or 4 hours? No way I could do that.”

Uh huh. And now here Alex and I are turning in roughly 2 hour podcasts. No commercials. No callers. No nothing. Just the two of us talking for 2 hours straight. *shakes head*

To start with, an apology. The quality of the audio…it just isn’t very good this week. It was all over the place while we were recording and any attempt I made after the fact didn’t much help. Sincerest apologies my friends. Hopefully next week will be better.

So what are we talking about this week? Well we start by continuing something I really like and that’s just talking about what’s happening personally. All too often we get caught up in the macro of our world and we forget about the micro. We forget about the personal. So AtC and I spend a bit of time just chatting. Then we get into the politics.

We really focused on just two topics this week: Rep Massey of Kentucky and Hillary. We, of course, expand from there, but they’re the starting points.

A reminder, if you’re looking for a direct download link, shoot me an email at bcochran1981@gmail.com


Dinosaur: 65 Million by Catt Dahman

Raptor Apocalypse by Steve Yeager

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child

Meg by Steve Alten

Break Blow Burn by Camille Paglia

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