Drift Compatible 2-27-18

Hey holy crap, we’re back.

51 weeks later.

New house. New setup. New mixing software (THANKS FOR THAT UPDATE, GARAGEBAND). But same old NSFW podcast.

Alright, after some standard joking around, catching up, updating folks, we get down to business. There’s really only one story going right now, but it hits a ton of different areas. We spend this podcast on the Broward County school shooting.

I swear. A LOT. Alex….well, you’ll just have to see.

We don’t do any entertainment stuff this week (except for one little recommendation), but we do have an announcement about next week’s pod.

Thanks for hanging with us and we’re pumped to be back!

8 thoughts on “Drift Compatible 2-27-18

  1. Glad you both are back. Highly entertaining, as ususal. Well, except at the baseball.

    The spider on the toothbrush was classic. Classic.

    Blessings on both of your houses.

  2. Nice to have you reprobates back. Alex, I appreciate the control it took to not indulge in potty mouth for an entire broadcast. The fact that you only did it to make Mr. Daddy of the Year look bad in no way detracts from the effort.

    Re: the toothbrush spider, I sent BC a link to a bug vacuum available on Amazon. Wield it like a katana O Empress.

  3. Excellent podcast, glad you guys are back.

    Alex, I was truly ashtonished by your lack of cursing.

    Hope you enjoyed making it and can keep spiders off your toothbrush in the future.

  4. Hey I’m posting on a dead thread! I wonder if I’ll be banned.

    Anyway, Colion Noir is indeed a nom de internet, and Noir (black) simply comes from the fact that he almost always *wears* black. Apparently the nickname comes from his teen friends, according to an interview he had with a vlogger at Shot show.

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