Drift Compatible Podcast Episode 22

That’s right….TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!!

Although this week is a bit abbreviated. And by that I mean half it’s normal length. Nasty thunderstorms rolling through my area precluded us from recording over the weekend and I have limited time during the week.

However, even in the shortened time span we managed to hit multiple topics.

This week we talk Puppies, Hillary’s email, Joe Biden and the impending/ongoing economic sh*tstorm. Oh and some books/tv shows/movies.

Hope you enjoy!


The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien


John Wick

TV Shows

Fear the Walking Dead

Heroes Reborn


2 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast Episode 22

  1. I saw BC’s comment about the lady in Kentucky and his “Do your job comment.” While I sympathize with the sentiment, in our current circumstances I can’t agree with it.

    First, the Left has been using the cudgel of “If you won’t don’t X, don’t be in Y job.” For decades they have wanted to make all doctors have to perform abortions. Or you can’t be a pharmacist unless you are willing to issue abortion drugs. According to them, you shouldn’t be in business unless you are willing to offer contraceptives. Now you shouldn’t have a job unless you are willing to sanction homosexual marriage (bakers, photographers, etc.) How long before some company makes you sign a non-discrimination agreement that says you have to agree with homosexual marriage or no job? A lot of Christians are finally figuring out the Left’s game of believe what you want, but we’ll ridicule you and you will do what we say.

    Second, the Left does this all of the time and no one says a thing about it. In fact, they get praised for their bravery. It’s not law when one side gets to play the “I will violate the law without consequence” card.

    Finally, the whole SC decision is another in a long line of poorly reasoned decisions. Someone needs to start pushing back. Mass ignoring of the SC might be a good thing.

    P.S.: I have it on good authority that if the lady in Kentucky folds, all of the giant spiders being held at bay in abandoned coal mines will be unleashed.

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