Drift Compatible Podcast Episode #6

Hello my friends, we meet again.

We are back this week and holy crap were we chatty. This week’s podcast ended up going 1 hour 45 minutes. Sheesh.

But as always we had fun yelling about the stuff that pisses us off. We discussed legitimate grievances, soon to be President Elect Walker, our imperial presidency and a few books. We also wandered a bit (a lot) within those subjects.

Hope you enjoy!


Children of the After #1: Awakening

The Federalist Papers


US Constitution

Dark Inside

Grave Mercy

One thought on “Drift Compatible Podcast Episode #6

  1. Based on your recommendation I’ve read the first two books of Children of the After. They are decent. Towards the end though, book #2 gets into, trying not to give too much away, a discussion of judging groups and individuals. Let’s just say the discussion was a little lopsided towards the kids. I guess I can accept that because it is from their viewpoint. However, they look correct because one character has been added where we get to see her viewpoint. Basically there is no tension that the other characters could be right.

    Anyways, my view has always been you have to judge people in general by the groups they belong to and if you get the opportunity to know them you can form solid judgments by close association.

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