Drift Compatible Episode #2

So we’re back again this week. Big, big thanks to all of you who gave us a listen last week.

This week Alex and I discuss Republican primary candidates, soup cans, private info, Operation Chokepoint, baseball and football.

A couple of things: 1) Trigger Warning. 2) Profanity. The triggering resulted in much profaneness.

CORRECTIONS: In the podcast, Alex referred to an article at Buzzfeed. The article did not appear at Buzzfeed. The article was at DKos. Alex and I both referred to Phil Niekro and the “emery board incident.” It was not Phil, it was his younger brother, Joe. John Smoltz is not the only pitcher with 100 wins and saves. He is the only pitcher in MLB history with 200 wins and 100 saves. When you speak, with no real notes, for almost an hour and a half, you’re bound to screw a few things up. Our apologies and we will endeavor to do better.

Finally, for those who wish to download without having to register, that option is available. Email me at bcochran1981 at gmail dot com. We just ask one thing. Go to the podcast page and let the podcast play briefly, like 15 seconds, anyway. This will count as a “play” and will help us keep track of the response.

Here is this week’s episode of the Drift Compatible Podcast, I hope you enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Episode #2

  1. Finally – someone whose anger rivals Levin. BC & AtC on booze talkin’ politics – more headbangin’ than Metallica!!

  2. hey could you put up a linky to that soup can defense “shelter in place” piece? I heard a blurb about it somewhere and thought it was either Iowahawkesque satire or some lunatic lefty ravings

  3. You can create a throwaway account to download the podcast in less than a minute. That site doesn’t even check your email address is real!

    “scotty.goodman1 is now following you” wth???

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