Drift Compatible Pod: 20 Wasted Years

BC, Alex, and the Doc are back after taking a few weeks off due to BC getting a new job and being exhausted.

There’s really only one true topic this week. The complete and utter enfarkening that is the withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Wear headphones!

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Pod: 20 Wasted Years

  1. I was fortunate enough to go to Christian schools, where doodling of any kind in textbooks was prohibited. In grade school, you’d be sent to the principal’s office, your parents would be called, and you’d probably have to write an apology essay (most likely involving a Bible verse). In high school, you’d have to pay to replace the textbook ($25-50, which was a lot for kids who only had summer jobs) your parents would be notified, and if you were lucky, they wouldn’t take your textbook away and make you share with someone else.

    *sends Mr. Cochran a giant tub of White-Out*

  2. God bless y’all who toil in the schools. I have a 7th grader this year, and he would be so embarrassed by “boobs, penis, vagina” in class — but he would laugh his arse off the rest of the year about it.

    Also, can I buy Alex a new mic. The clipping is making me crazy — well, crazier.

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