Drift Compatible Podcast 8-6-21

Short episode this week as BC is in full on panic mode prepping for the start of school. BC, Alex, and The Doc spend some time this evening discussing the blatant lies, stupidity and misinformation surrounding and permeating medical and legal news. BC also used his producer prerogative to give almost 5 golden minutes of pure ear candy as Gov. Ron DeSantis recently went on a serious rant and blasted Biden. After the clip, you’ll need a cigarette, a cookie, and some gatorade.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

2 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 8-6-21

  1. With regards to Clinton: I had read *The Dead Zone* by Stephen King, and there’s a bit in there about this fake Christian evangelist who puts out this periodical where he reports the prophecies from his stable of tame prophets who comes to see Johnny Smith and offer him a job, thinking that Johnny Smith is a conman like him and his crew. And I specifically remember that this fake had dyed his hair to be greyer to make him look older. So when I saw Clinton for the first time, I saw that he dyed his hair to make it grey, and that just resonated too much for me.

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