Drift Compatible Podcast: The Doctor Returns

BC, Alex, and TMI had a blast, FOR OVER TWO HOURS, discussing rulings from SCOTUS, insane patent law, Russian bounties, Dan Rather, COVID vaccines, specifically J&J, and finally patent/copyright stupidity. That last one somehow quickly devolved into a discussion on sex and proclivities and feminism and yeah ok. The las 20 minutes or so are the show in a microcosm.

But enjoy! Wear headphones!

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: The Doctor Returns

  1. Just listening to the podcast and the stuff about baseball and the “you’re awful for watching sportsball!” crap. I was also on your side regarding it.
    At least until I wasn’t, and it wasn’t anything any of those pushing the “you must hate sportsball” and other various attempts to insult did. In fact if anything those made me stick with it perhaps longer than I would have.

    I’ve pointed this out at Ace of Spades before. You won’t get people to stop with the tactic of attempting to insult them for liking it, as ace did (I believe he’s come around on that though, and instead goes after the thing rather than the fan.) And its pretty simple reason why. You’re some dipshit on the internet, baseball/football/etc. is something else to them. Its connecting with their parents, with their grandparents, forming a friendship with someone you had nothing in common with except you both like the local team. And you really think some internet rando is going to be the thing that gets them to stop supporting it? Especially when they’re being a direct dick to them about it. No. You’re defeating the cause you hope to promote with that effort, and doing more harm to getting people to stop watching.

  2. Alex, the guy who replied to you on twitter about the baseball fandom with a love of jazz is Dave Reaboi isn’t it? Sorry he was unkind to you about it. I’ve been sad over not watching the my Red Birds too, but they’ve gone off the dead-end.

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