Drift Compatible Podcast: All the stupid, but also BOOKS!

Alex and Brent are back with a new episode this week. They discuss using real names on the internet, Biden, AOC, went right down the rabbit hole of Brandon Sanderson, as well as whatever else crossed their minds.

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5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: All the stupid, but also BOOKS!

  1. I wonder if Sanderson’s theme of “customs influenced by forgotten events” was influenced by Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I was fascinated by he brief glimpses of the world pre-Breaking, a golden age of post-scarcity and unlimited energy that got completely lost.

  2. Please check out anything written by Drew Hayes. Your bookshelves sound like mine and he’s one of my favorites over the last few years.

  3. I just started reading again. I’ve been aware of Sanderson since he finished the Wheel of Time, but have been avoiding him somewhat due to how prolific he is. It’s a bit daunting to consider trying to catch up on all he’s written. Based on your bookshelves, I am certain I will enjoy him. I’m moving him to the top of the list.

    Suggestions on what to start with? Is there a recommended reading order?

    I know there isn’t a guaranteed crossover between Fantasy and Science Fiction fans, but I will take the time to suggest my current favorite author: Peter F. Hamilton. His typical genre is sprawling space opera. Very long and a number of them are in the same universe, similar to how you describe Sanderson. If you want a taste, you can try Fallen Dragon or The Great North Road. These are stand alone novels. If you want to tackle a big one, I’d recommend The Reality Dysfunction, which is the beginning of the Night’s Dawn Trilogy. Keep in mind this leans more on the Opera side than hard science fiction, although there is a lot of that. The heroes are amazingly clever and heroic, the women are indescribably beautiful and intelligent, and the villains are uncompromisingly evil. In short, it’s FUN.

  4. Dang. What a difference a day makes and we miss ranting about the latest Stupid in which Time goes full Bond villain explaining the Evil Plan before subjecting us to an overly complicated, egregiously slow demise.

    I bought five books in Jan (Kindle sale) and I’ve already finished them.

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