Drift Compatible Podcast: TMI Part 2

Brent and Alex are joined again this week by TMI3rd and they discuss politics, porn, and tranquilizing coked up hippos.

(They might also discuss the media using salacious headlines/leads to draw people in. Not that that has any relevance here.)

Wear headphones! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: TMI Part 2

  1. So, the 2 weeks for the NG in DC is probably tied to their annual training. Annual training for NG is usually 2 weeks. Thus, I think the Pentagon setup up this activation and their pay to be their annual training for FY21

  2. Any podcast that references a quadruple salad tossing is my kind of show. Thank you so much for what you do, I sincerely look forward to this show every week.

  3. Firstly, really enjoying tmi3rd on the podcast. It’s even more madcap and tangential than anyone could wish for. Of course that means a lot of topics for me to comment on.

    Yeah, I hadn’t heard about the Q thing before you guys mentioned it a couple months ago. And then Barnes (Robert) mentioned it in the context, along with Rich Baris, that it has the hallmark of a “psy-op” to entrap and discredit susceptible individuals (e.g Lynn Wood, and Sydney Powell).

    Death by a thousand cuts is right. Barnes mentioned vote pattern irregularities TN among adjacent precincts(Grundy county, for one)– that the lax security on mail-in ballots created opportunities for ballot harvesting(illegal in TN) and ballot box “stuffing” that would otherwise have been much more difficult.

    Lastly the, cough, adult, cough entertainment. I don’t think end of last year’s “attack” on Mindgeek properties was an isolated incident. Recall in the latter half of 2018 YouTube’s crackdown on firearms and firearms related advertising and channels and Pornhub “offer” to host the content (which did happen). If anyone had any inkling the laissez-faire attitude towards “free expression” in the porn industry, well that little incident certainly put Mindgeek on the radar.

    Thanks again guys. Looking forward to the next one.

  4. If you were to ask my now ex-wife, if she allowed politics to destroy a 30-year marriage, you would get an enthusiastic “yes”.

    Oh, and about the SHTF scenario, if you flee toward Texas and the rangers stop you at the border, you can say that you you’ve got a place to stay in Texas once you get here, because I guarantee it. Maybe that’ll convince them to let you in.

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