Coronavirus Pt. 2

Back this week with more of a full length podcast. Obviously the virus is still pretty much the only thing going on in the news cycle. Brent and Alex discuss more of the fallout including economics and moral arguments.

To finish up, a discussion on video games to play while shut in at home.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget…Headphones!


4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Pt. 2

  1. Civ VI’s Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm went on sale, so I bought that with my birthday money. (Pretty sure Sid Miers invented JUST. ONE. MORE TURN!)

    It’s a good game to have going in the background for homeschooling days, or just if you have kids in general.

    The only gripe I have is that even with two expansions, only two civilizations in Civ Vi have bonuses for science, and one of them barely even fits into that category. Sometimes I wonder if the developers forgot that science even exists “Ooooooo! Let’s make Canada playable and give them bonuses for TUNDRA!”

  2. The problem with saying “we need to prioritize human life over economic activity” is that economic activity is essential to human life. With few exceptions, everyone’s food, medicine, clothing, and shelter are all a result of economic activity.

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